What is IGLOO?

IGLOO is NZ’s low cost Pay TV. With the option to get 11 additional premium channels, rent movies right from your couch, and watch the odd match of selected pay-per-view sports events - there's bound to be something for everyone here, and at a great price! Just hook an IGLOO box to your telly and you'll get all your standard free* channels, and from there the options are up to you!

  • Go digital With IGLOO

    What is IGLOO

    IGLOO is a set top box that'll give you digital telly. Hook it up to your TV and you've got all the free to air channels in your coverage area for free. And then if you fancy a bit of extra entertainment you can pick n' choose from the extras below, if and when you want them. The options are up to you!

    IGLOO is the perfect solution to Go Digital - find out more.


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    11 Awesome premium channels for just $19.95 a month. Our awesome channels cover docos, kids TV, drama. news, music...and much more!

    If you get IGLOO on prepay, you get the channel pack one month, leave it the next - AND your first one is at no extra cost.*

    12 month plan
    Get IGLOO on 12 month plan and it's just $19.95 each month.**

    *When you buy a new pre-pay IGLOO box and register it for the first time. One month is 30 days. Termination fees may apply. Terms and Conditions

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  • View Movies & TV ON DEMAND

    Stacks of Movies ON DEMAND

    New releases and old faves....choose from the huge collection that you can stream to your TV at the push of a button. Say goodbye to your video store!



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  • View sports events

    Sports events on FRONT ROW

    Tune in to watcha one-off live sports event from our hand-picked selection on a pay-per-view basis.

    FRONT ROW pricing is event-dependent. Check out what we've got in the next 2 weeks coming up to get an idea.

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  • Live Pause Live Pause
    Plug a USB stick into the rear USB port to use the Live Pause function...sorry fellas, this means you can spend more time doing the dishes without the missing a minute of action! (note:not all USB sticks are created equal - check with the retail gurus which is best for IGLOO).

    *USB stick required (not supplied) to use Live Pause