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    Season 7
    Tuesdays 9.30pm from 15 September

    The much-loved series Inspector George Gently returns for its seventh season, with four new feature-length episodes filmed on location in Northumberland, England. It’s 1969 and Gently (Martin Shaw) and Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) are both suffering from their own physical and mental scars several months after the horrific shootings that nearly claimed their lives in Durham Cathedral. Inspector George Gently has become an audience winner, lovingly recreating the Sixties in perfect, nostalgic detail – and Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby make the perfect police partnership, full of warmth, humour and attack. In this new season they discover they have different approaches to a world that is changing very fast.

    Season 3
    Thursdays 10pm from 24 September

    The critically-acclaimed series written by and starring Jack Whitehall returns for a brand new season following Alfie Wicker, who’s a bigger kid than the pupils he teaches. It’s summer term, and with exams looming it’s time for Alfie to finally knuckle down and start teaching his class – but the path to A’s never did run smooth.

  • National Geographic Channel National Geographic Channel


    Season 4, Part 2
    Wednesdays 9pm from 9 September

    The Emmy® nominated Brain Games is back with more interactive illusions, challenges and experiments that showcase the extraordinary ways we see, process and think about the world around us. Host Jason Silva will awaken your incredible senses and uncover the mysteries of the most complex object in the known universe – your brain!

    Season 2
    Tuesdays 8.30pm from 15 September

    New England’s best bluefin tuna fishermen venture south to North Carolina’s treacherous fishing grounds, the Outer Banks, where they will battle the local fleet for the ocean’s most lucrative prize. A single giant bluefin can be worth more than $20,000 but the dangerous waters, small quota and explosive rivalries make North Carolina's Outer Banks, nicknamed “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”, the most challenging place in the world to catch these elusive fish.

  • Comedy Central Comedy Central


    Season 1
    Mondays 10.10pm from 21 September

    Moonbeam City is an absurdist take on the gritty, sex-drenched crime dramas from the 1980s. The series follows undercover detective Dazzle Novak (voiced by Rob Lowe), a handsome idiot who commits more crimes than most criminals. His tyrannical chief, Pizzaz Miller (Elizabeth Banks), won’t get off his back and hotshot rookie Rad Cunningham (Will Forte) is dying to see him fail. With the world against him, Dazzle is thrust into a living nightmare: having to do actual police work.

    Tuesdays midnight from 29 September

    Returning with a new host, Trevor Noah, The Daily Show draws its comedy and satire from recent news stories, political figures, media organisations, and often aspects of the show itself.

  • Vibe Vibe


    Season 14
    Thursdays 9.30pm from 17 September, encores Sundays 7.30pm

    Hosted by Tim Gunn and international model Heidi Klum, this brand new season once again features a Kiwi designer, Duncan Chambers-Watson. Duncan follows in Sean Kelly’s footsteps, the first-ever New Zealander to compete in the hit New York-based reality show. Last season Sean wowed judges with his creations and hit international entertainment headlines when Heidi Klum wore one of his designs to the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards. He then made us all even more proud when he went on to successfully beat the 15 other designers to win the top prize. We can’t wait to see what Duncan and the other contestants create this year!

    Live and exclusive to Vibe Monday 21 September 12pm (live) and 8.30pm (highlights)

    Celebrate the talent and creativity behind the shows you love this September, live with Vibe, as we bring you the 2015 Emmy Awards, this year hosted by Emmy award winner and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg. Join us as we celebrate television’s biggest night.

  • BBC Knowledge BBC Knowledge


    Saturdays 7.30pm from 19 September

    This is the third in Sir David Attenborough's epic Life series, following on from Life on Earth and The Living Planet. It begins with the ways in which animals arrive in the world and ends with the extraordinary techniques they employ to reproduce. In between, there are the other trials we all have to face: building a home, finding food, rearing children and getting on with friends and rivals. The tactics animals employ to breed and to survive are sometimes entertaining, sometimes baffling, and always fascinating. From bleak Patagonia on the South Atlantic Coast, to a Texan cave, a Malaysian rain forest, and the deserts of Northern Kenya, The Trials of Life is the most exciting and informed examination of the foibles and conundrums of the natural world to be presented on television.

    Mondays 8.30pm from 21 September

    The hit observational documentary series about call centre workers and their maverick boss is back. Nev and his team return in this warm, funny and occasionally moving look at real life in a real work place. Since the last series ended, the business has gone through tough times – contracts have ended, people have been let go – but Nev is at the forefront of the battle to reinvigorate the company. Cameras follow the highs and lows of life at the call centre, capturing the antics of the staff and revealing the hopes and dreams, triumphs and disappointments – as well as a few of the secrets that have turned Nev's own business career around.

  • Food TV  Food TV


    Saturdays 5.30pm from 5 September

    Britain’s much-loved national treasure, Mary Berry, celebrates some of her most inspired dishes by showing us how to make them, while sharing her extraordinary knowledge from more than 50 years of cooking. Across eight delightful episodes, Mary goes out to explore the places and food she loves most; from the seaside, countryside and farmer’s markets, to herb gardens, allotments and her beloved home. Mary relives the moments from her past that made her fall in love with cooking, she indulges in one of the country’s oldest ice-cream shops, goes prawning on the coast, fly-fishing on River Test, explores new ways to grow and sell food, and reconnects with old friends who share her approach, as well as new ones who grow things on city rooftops.

    Mondays 6.30pm from 14 September

    Adam Richman takes us on a culinary quest to find the meatiest meals the USA has to offer, giving viewers an insider's look at the food, the chefs and their cities. The Carnivore Chronicles serves up a hearty portion of never-before-seen footage sure to make your mouth water.

  • Animal Planet Animal Planet


    Sunday 27 September 2.55pm

    From small towns in the South to remote areas of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, four eccentric but passionate investigators embark on one single-minded mission - to find the elusive "creature" known as Bigfoot or the Sasquatch. Renowned Bigfooters Matt Moneymaker and Bobo Fay join forces with Cliff Barackman and field biologist Ranae Holland, as they attempt to authenticate claims of creature sightings across the globe. Their investigations attempt to uncover the truth behind the most riveting Bigfoot encounters ever captured on tape using proven search methods, cutting-edge technology and radical new techniques.

    Monday 28 September 7.30pm

    In an all new special, Whale Wars, we chronicle the Sea Shepherd’s "Zero Tolerance" mission in the Southern Ocean. When Captain Paul Watson is forced to step down as the Sea Shepherd’s leader, the fledging armada looks to be in peril before their journey to the frozen South even begins. In his absence, four rookie boat captains must lead the charge to Antarctica to try and stop the Japanese whalers. Their mission culminates in an epic sea battle, as Captain Peter Hammarstedt risks everything by going head to head with the whalers’ monstrous factory ship.

  • Kidzone 24 Kidzone 24


    Daily 8am and 5pm from 1 September

    Loveable puppet Moe and his group of puppet friends help young New Zealanders understand themselves, the people around them, and the country they live in.

    Daily 1.35pm from Tuesday 1 September

    This September sees the return of adorable blue-nosed puppy Bali in brand new episodes! Bali is a modern-day pre-schooler living life amongst the hustle and bustle of the big city! Bali lives with his mum, dad, little sister Lea and Kikou, his stuffed animal, in an inner city apartment. With a most un-stereotypical family, Bali faces the world inquisitively, sometimes shyly, never recklessly, and always enthusiastically! Each exciting episode focuses on a new theme and is jam-packed with catchy songs to get you inspired and moving! Follow the adventures of Bali and his family as they take on the ups and downs of life in the big city!

  • MTV Hits MTV Hits


    MTV HITS New Zealand is the hub of pop culture, bringing viewers the hottest songs to hit the charts. Playing hits and only hits for 24 hours a day.

  • BBC World News BBC World News


    Daily, 11am, 12 noon and 1pm

    BBC World News delivers impartial, in-depth analysis of breaking news, as well as looking at the stories behind the news - not just what is happening, but why.

  • Jones! Jones!


    Weeknights 6.30pm from 10 September

    Shipwrecked on an unchartered South Pacific island, seven stranded castaways struggle to survive the outdoors, as well as each another, in this wonderfully wacky comedy series. An endearing allure of the show was that it transported you to an idyllic Island, where you could imagine yourself reacting to the situations that the cast experienced week after week; what would life be like with such an inept stooge as Gilligan, a girl-next-door type like Mary Ann or a glamourous movie star like Ginger? Or even driving around the island in a car made from bamboo and coconuts… Join us this September for a bout of slapstick comedy and hilarious stereotypes on Gilligan’s Island.

    Sundays 9.35pm from 13 September

    Created in the 1920s from a series of books by Leslie Charteris, the character of The Saint was also the subject of a series of Hollywood films in the 40s, a radio series in the early 50s, and even a newspaper comic strip. However, it is most widely remembered through the British television series of the 60s, starring the one and only Roger Moore in the role of Simon Templar. A regal and suave figure, who dresses well, is charming to talk to, and looks right at home driving his Volvo P1800, Templar has a strong sense of justice. Never losing his cool, he doesn’t need the clever gadgets that James Bond is akin to, and he’s willing to get involved in a dangerous situation to help out someone who needs it… more often than not a gorgeous woman!

  • Discovery Channel  Discovery Channel

    Discovery Channel

    Wednesdays 9.30pm from 2 September

    Last season, we were introduced to Billy Brown, his wife Ami and their seven grown children – five boys and two girls – who were born and raised in the wilds of Alaska. The Browns, a modern-day Waltons family, live so remotely they’ve developed their own accent and way of doing things. With the series return and their dream home finally finished, will they be able to truly settle down and build a life here? With the stakes higher than ever and unexpected costs piling up, the family gambles on a new idea they hope will secure their future – launching a business that will lead the family deeper into the bush than they ever imagined.

    Sunday 6 September 7.30pm

    What is the price for glory? When the fame, fans, money, training, coaches, support teams and victories are gone, what happens next? Through elite selection, grueling training, inspiring victories and crushing defeats, today’s athletes run the razor’s edge of human capability, pushing their bodies and brains far beyond the boundaries that limit the rest of us. Through three extraordinary case studies, starting with the genesis of what actually makes a super athlete rise to the top, Life after Sport, hosted by John Eales, will deconstruct the highs, lows, pitfalls, perils and science of elite athletes as they struggle to make the transitions from normal human to superhuman and back, featuring interviews with former athletes including Grant Hackett, Lauren Jackson, Layne Beachley and Shane Webcke.

  • E! Entertainment E!: Entertainment

    E! Entertainment

    Season 10B
    Express from the US
    Mondays 12pm (simultaneous with the US) from 21 September, encores 9.30pm

    Even though things are changing for the Kardashian family in ways they never expected, they are determined to remember that family always comes first.

    Express from the US
    Tuesdays 9.30pm from 22 September

    Kim, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian made a mark on the fashion industry with the opening of their upscale DASH boutiques. The new docuseries Dash Dolls takes a page from Vanderpump Rules as we follow the young, fun and hot employees behind the Kardashian Brand. We'll watch as these twenty-somethings navigate friendships and fallouts, break-ups and make-ups, all while navigating their careers in a city full of dreams and distractions.