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  • UKTV UKTV: Ripper Street


    Season 3, Fridays 8.30pm

    Starring BAFTA Award-winning actor Matthew Macfadyen, the third series of this riveting crime drama opens with a cataclysmic event which reverberates throughout the next eight episodes of the series. Fifty-five souls are lost to a terrible locomotive disaster, with the wreckage landing right in the lap of 'H' Division - on Leman Street itself. From the twisted debris of the crash emerge clues that uncover long hidden deceits. These crimes threaten not only to destroy Reid’s iron grip on 'H' Division, but to unravel his fragile psyche too. The personal damage to Reid is profound and there is no limit to what he will do to avenge his own deep-seated grief.

  • National Geographic Channel Nat Geographic Channel: Air Crash Investigation


    Tuesdays 7.30pm

    Air Crash Investigation examines some of the most legendary crashes in history. Each episode painstakingly recreates each plane crash with rigorous historical accuracy and then breaks down each important discovery of the consequent investigation to reveal the cause of the crash and how it ultimately has made air travel safer than ever.

  • Comedy Central Comedy Central: The Daily Show 2015


    Tuesdays, midnight

    America can't get enough of TV's most irreverently relevant political and pop culture commentary on the Emmy® and Peabody® Award-winning The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Led by Time Magazine's “Best Talk Show Host”, the program has conquered the very world of media mavens and political blowhards it set out to parody.

  • Vibe Vibe: WPC 56


    WPC 56
    Season 2, Mondays 8.30pm

    Set in Birmingham in the 1950s, WPC 56 stars Jennie Jacques as WPC Gina Dawson, the first woman police constable to serve in her West Midlands hometown in 1956. In the latest series, Gina continues to make her mark as the first and only police woman on the Brinford beat. With a few fresh faces in the station, it’s business as usual for Gina and her male colleagues as they deal with teenage runaways, Teddy Boys and petty criminals. However, the lines of the law start to blur when the hunt for a killer draws our team into the criminal underworld of shady boxing clubs, brothels and nightclubs, all run by a ruthless gangster, as dangerous as he is untouchable. And the unwanted attention of a senior officer pushes Gina to cross a line which could mean the end of her career forever.

  • BBC Knowledge BBC Knowledge: How We Got To Now


    Wednesdays 8.30pm

    This inspirational and entertaining series presented by world-renowned innovation expert Steven Johnson charts the twists and turns of history, science, business and technology that have brought us to where we are today. With an exciting blend of location filming, imaginative graphics and stylish action sequences, the series untangles the web of ideas that made each of our ‘modern miracles’ possible. Revealing the intense rivalries, astounding fortunes made and lost, terrible disappointments and moments of heroic achievement, it tells the stories of the unlikely people whose passion for problem solving led to astonishing practical solutions.

  • Food TV  Food TV: Gordon Behind Bars


    Sundays 9pm

    Gordon Ramsay is going to prison to attempt the impossible: make offenders pay their way. Most prisoners sit around all day, while the public forks out for them to do so. In this explosive new series, Gordon will be be locked up in the infamous Brixton Prison and try to set up a catering company within its walls. He will grab some of the nation’s toughest prisoners, teach them to cook on the inside to sell on the outside. There’s a host of forces arranged against Gordon: prison bureaucracy, the unreliable criminal workforce and skeptical retailers. And above all – can Gordon persuade the great British public to eat food made by prisoners? The series lifts the lid on the unknown world of prisons and prisoners, while revealing an ambitious solution to one of the biggest social problems facing us today– how to make criminals pay something back.

  • Animal Planet Animal Planet: Finding Bigfoot


    Thursdays 10:30pm

    Acrylic Tank Manufacturing is led by brothers-in-law, business partners, best friends and rivals, Wayde King and Brett Raymer, and is housed in a state-of-the-art, cavernous facility located in the center of Sin City. ATM literally has created thousands of enormous, jaw-dropping aquarium builds and conceptual tanks for ordinary Joes and high-profile clients alike. In In Tanked Unfiltered the ATM crew gives ‘Unfiltered’ commentary about their favourite builds.

  • Kidzone 24 Kidzone24: Mofy


    Daily 2.50pm

    Mofy is a sweet, gentle and thoughtful bunny rabbit who dwells in a unique and magical world made entirely of real cotton! Every day, Mofy leaves her cozy cotton puff and heads off on an adventure with her friends. On these adventures, Mofy is faced with new challenges, which is sometimes scary for a little bunny, but in overcoming them, Mofy develops courage and confidence by the day. Kids will fall in love with this little cotton community and become inspired by Mofy’s brave journeys of discovery.

  • MTV Hits MTV Hits: Hit’s Hottest Girls of Pop Top 20!



    MTV HITS New Zealand is the hub of pop culture, bringing viewers the hottest songs to hit the charts. Playing hits and only hits for 24 hours a day.

  • BBC World News BBC World News: Newsday


    Daily, 11am, 12 noon and 1pm

  • TVNZ Heartland TVNZ Heartland


    Heartland is a celebration of New Zealand and New Zealanders through some of our finest TV shows, every night has a different theme from food to travel to Kiwi film to Documentaries, plus exclusive new local commissions.

  • Discovery Channel  Discovery Channel: Alaska: The Last Frontier

    Discovery Channel

    Discovery Channel: Alaska: The Last Frontier

    Season 4, Wednesdays 10.30pm

    This season on Alaska: The Last Frontier, the Kilchers face unexpected and daunting challenges due to a historically warm winter. The Kilcher men join forces on an epic 48km mission over challenging terrain and dangerous melting glacial rivers to secure their hunting cabins at the Head of the Bay. Eivin and Eve juggle the demands of parenting their infant son Findlay, the latest generation to be born on the homestead, and relentless preparations for another Alaskan winter. Otto takes a novice team on the yearly cattle drive and tensions run high as the heat debilitates the herd. Atz Lee encounters a disaster when he takes Jane on her first black bear hunt. Atz Sr. defends the family's prized cattle herd against brown bear attacks and Charlotte searches desperately for a missing newborn calf and its mother. Another Kilcher returns to the homestead to reclaim a simpler life for his family, while the family mourns the loss of a beloved fellow homesteader.

  • E! Entertainment E!: Live From The Red Carpet: The 2015 Screen Actor Guild Awards

    E! Entertainment

    Monday 26 January, 7.30pm

    Ryan and Giuliana and the E! Red Carpet crew return LIVE From The Red Carpet for the 21st Screen Actor Guild Awards.

    Tuesdays 9.30pm

    Since she was a teenager, Christina Milian has lived life in the public eye. Hit songs, movie roles and paparazzi focus have come, gone and come back again, but the one constant in her life has always been her family. We will follow Christina Milian’s career, love life, and her relationship with her Cuban-American family: her overbearing Momager, her stubborn sisters, and her adorable 4-year old daughter.