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    Sundays 7.30pm from 26 July

    The longest-running emergency medical drama in the world returns for Series 27, bringing more drama and emergencies to the wards at Holby City Emergency Department. New characters include ambitious army medic Sam Nicholls, fast living, fearless and fiery, and paediatric specialist doctor Tom Kent. Gentle, calm and a brilliant children’s doctor, Tom finds his maturity at work doesn’t always carry over into his private life. Paramedic Tamzin finds she has a lot to prove if she’s to be taken seriously, while Zoe has been unofficially holding the fort for Jordan. But when she’s asked to take over, can she separate her emotions from the job at hand? Sometimes sacrifices need to be made in order to save lives.

    Thursdays 8.30pm from 30 July

    There were never two more unlikely sisters than working class heroines Sharon and Tracey. Along with their friend and lodger, man-eater Dorien Green, they're back for another series of laugh-out-loud and bittersweet adventures. Kicking off with a promised Christmas trip to Tenerife, courtesy of Dorien's continued income as "Sixty Shades of Green" author Foxy Cohen, the girls share their many successes and failures, including Sharon's interview to become a spy and Tracey's trip to jail. But there are life-changing surprises too - as Dorien comes face-to-face with someone she thought she'd never see again, and a heart-stopping scare for both Chigwell sisters in a poignant and hilarious two-part finale.

  • National Geographic Channel National Geographic Channel


    Mondays 9.30pm from 6 July

    With bigger paydays and new colourful characters, the prospectors return to the mountains of Colorado to seek their fortunes. At 14,000 feet above sea level, there's 50 percent less oxygen, and extreme weather is often these prospectors' worst enemy as they brave close-call lightning strikes, hurricane-force winds and dramatic temperature changes. But for those willing to battle the elements and confront the danger, some of the planet's most rare and precious gems are just waiting to be unearthed - with huge paydays to accompany them.

    Sunday 19 July 8.30pm

    Our understanding of Pluto is about to expand exponentially. In July, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will capture the first-ever close-up images and scientific observations of distant Pluto and its system of large and small moons. The fastest spacecraft ever launched, New Horizons has travelled a longer time and farther away — more than nine years and 5 billion kilometres — than any space mission in history to reach its primary target. In this unprecedented special event, witness one of the great explorations of our time.

  • Comedy Central Comedy Central


    Thursdays 9.45pm from 9 July

    In Drunk History, the UK’s top comedians relate their favourite historical stories while diving head first into a mixture of beers, wines and spirits. Their slurred versions of history are then acted out, word for word, by a host of well-known British actors, celebrities and comedians including Johnny Vegas, Russell Kane, Joe Lycett, Rob Beckett, Alex Horne and James Acaster. Luckily, Jimmy Carr is on voice-over duties to restore some order if the drinking sessions get out of hand.

    Thursday 8pm from 23 July

    Live from the Hammersmith Apollo Theatre in West London, this hilarious series sees comedy stalwarts Phil Jupitus, Jon Richardson, Welshman Rhod Gilbert and the multi-talented Nina Conti take the stage, cracking up a raucous crowd with laugh-out-loud jokes and comedic gags.

  • Vibe Vibe


    Thursdays 9.30pm from 2 July
    Encores Sundays 7.30pm

    Emmy® award winner Tim Gunn, everyone’s favourite mentor, takes the reins as host in this new fashion competition series. Project Runway alumni Mondo Guerra, Anya Ayoung-Chee and Nick Verreos, who have shown their prowess on the runway as contestants, now must prove they have the vision and business savvy to mentor and manage multiple personalities and design visions with 15 new up-and-coming designers under their watch. Each mentor will have a team of designers they must manage, coach, cheerlead and when necessary, knock down with tough love, in order to lead them to runway success.

    Mondays 9.30pm from 6 July

    Jonathan Creek (Alan Davies) may have left his windmill and the world of professional magic behind him, but he soon finds there are still plenty of mysteries to tax his unique deductive powers. When Creek and his beautiful wife Polly move to the country, the dust has barely settled when he is called upon to investigate a brutal and baffling murder attempt in a West End London theatre – a leading actress has been found stabbed in an empty dressing room, from which no assailant could possibly have escaped. And the ghostly events don’t stop there. Creek and Polly begin settling into rural life, but their serene village is riddled with strange undercurrents, including a wealthy kidnap victim appearing to pull off a mind-boggling act of teleportation. Can the lateral-thinking detective once again unravel the impossible?

  • BBC Knowledge BBC Knowledge


    Wednesday 1 July 8.30pm

    Of all the wonders of the human body, there's one more mysterious than any other. Blood: five precious litres that keep us alive. Yet how much do we really know about this sticky red substance and its mysterious, life-giving force? Michael Mosley gives up a fifth of his own blood to perform six bold experiments. From starving it of oxygen to injecting it with snake venom, Michael reveals the extraordinary abilities of blood to adapt and keep us alive. Using specialist photography, the programme reveals the beauty in a single drop. Michael even discovers how it tastes when, in a television first, he prepares a black pudding with his own blood.

    Thursdays 7.30pm from 16 July

    Adventurer Ben Fogle is back with series two of Where the Wild Men Are, where he meets more people who have turned their backs on the trappings of Western society and set up home in some of the most isolated locations on Earth. This series sees Ben join British dump-truck driver, Ian, who sold ‘his life’ on eBay and bought his own primitive Caribbean island off the coast of Panama. Colbert quit high finance and moved to the Southern Georgian swamplands. Access to his self-built cabin is via canoe. He survives by living off the creatures that inhabit this dangerous back-water. Ben wants to discover the realities of leaving it all behind – is it daring, or downright crazy?

  • Food TV  Food TV


    Thursdays 8.30pm from 23 July

    Join Anthony as he continues to explore every corner of the globe in his Emmy® award-winning series. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations dives headfirst into life's colourful and rich pageant with Anthony encountering the weird, wild and downright outrageous personalities and places that help define the international cultural landscape. Whether it's eating the raw eyeball off a bloody seal carcass on a kitchen floor, flying through the treetops of Vancouver on a zip-line, or hunting for lizards in the desert of Saudi Arabia, Anthony Bourdain refuses to yield to middle age or tar-stained lungs when adventure comes calling. In the world of a cook, an understanding and appreciation of how others eat is akin to discovering secret societies and cryptic subcultures. Cooks have special access. As always, the food is only the first glimpse of a wider view of how people live their lives in faraway lands and unfamiliar territories.

    Wednesdays 8.30pm from 29 July

    After more than a year at River Cottage farm in picturesque Central Tilba, chef-turned-farmer Paul West is about to discover he’s in a little too deep. With mid-winter bearing down on the farm, Paul is struggling to cope with his litter of 18 fast-growing piglets, not to mention eight goats, fifty chickens, dairy cattle, ducks and a misbehaving dog. This season, it’s time for Paul to get real about the farm’s future. He’ll need to decide how to best manage his livestock and vegetable garden with limited resources and very little infrastructure. With the help of his mentors and others in the local community, he has plans to tailor his veggie garden to supply local restaurants and cafes. He’ll trade what livestock he can, and beg, borrow and barter what he needs to set up River Cottage farm as a truly sustainable and profitable enterprise. And in amongst it all, he’ll continue his journey in the local area to discover the best seasonal produce – from the land to the rivers and the sea – and share cooking tips and delicious meals with friends, neighbours and viewers alike.

  • Animal Planet Animal Planet


    Tuesdays 8.30pm from 7 July

    Throughout Washington State, the Department of Fish and Wildlife Police are protecting animals and citizens and busting criminals. Whether the officers are on land or water, they are ready and willing to risk their lives.

    Mondays 8.30pm from 13 July

    Meet the Orangutans is a window into the extraordinary daily drama of the world's oldest orangutan sanctuary. From babies being bottlefed and wearing nappies, to teenagers being taught how to climb trees, there is never a dull moment. The human carers, run by eccentric Brit Sue Sheward, are every bit as colourful too, and the jury's still out on who rules the roost - the staff or the apes.

  • Kidzone 24 Kidzone 24


    Daily, 2.10pm and 11.10am

    Meet Duggee, a big lovable dog who runs The Squirrel Club! Each episode of this colourful and charming series starts with Duggee welcoming the Squirrels, a bunch of curious little characters with big personalities, who are dropped off at the club by their parents. This marks the start of laughter and learning as they discover new things about the world around them, under the patient guidance of Duggee.

    Daily, 12.40pm and 9.40am

    In the sweet and charming series Miffy And Friends, Miffy the little rabbit helps children to learn about colours, numbers, different shapes and songs, all while exploring the world around them! Miffy is joined on her adventures by a cast of cute characters including her friends Snuffy, Farmer John, Poppy Pig, and many others! Join them on their magical journey of discovery!

  • MTV Hits MTV Hits


    Saturday 4 July, from 10.30am

    MTV Hits is dedicating an entire day to our favourite music superstars! Catch the hottest jams from the biggest artists in the world, as MTV counts down the top five tracks from the best of the best. Featuring the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, 1D, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and more, this is a can’t miss for any pop-loving music fan.

  • BBC World News BBC World News


    Daily, 11am, 12 noon and 1pm

  • Jones! Jones!


    Saturdays 6.50am and 1.50pm from 4 July

    The iconic 80’s TV series that inspired the blockbuster films is coming to JONES! Junior. Transformers (G1) introduces audiences to a race of robots from the planet Cybertron that can change into vehicles, mechanical devices and even animal forms! Transformers: More than meets the eye!

    Weekdays 3.40pm from 15 July
    Encores 11.30pm

    The groundbreaking, critically acclaimed series Hill Street Blues is set at a police station in the heart of a racially torn, crime-ridden precinct of an unidentified urban metropolis, where the peace is kept thanks to the tenuous trust between the police and the people they protect. Each episode charts a day in the life on "The Hill", balancing the characters' personal and professional lives. Over its seven-year run, Hill Street Blues won six Emmy awards, including Oustanding Drama Series four years running.

  • Discovery Channel  Discovery Channel

    Discovery Channel

    Thursdays 8.30pm from 9 July

    Each week, a new pair of total strangers is faced with the ultimate survival challenge: survive for 21 days together with no clothes or supplies in some of the most dangerous environments in the world. In addition to the landscape working against the duo, the local wildlife looks to prey on them as well.

    Wednesdays 8.30pm from 15 July

    The fearless captains of the Bering Sea are back. This year they must lean on their brethren to survive. But just how far will they push their crabbing brotherhood to the edge? Every fisherman returns to Dutch Harbor, Alaska, with a renewed hope to prove they belong among the brotherhood of the Bering Sea. But to succeed out on the water, change must come from within. For Wild Bill of the Cape Caution, it’s about accepting his son for who really he is. On the Time Bandit, Johnathan Hillstrand must overcome his health, family issues and massive boat repair bills to turn his business around with a new group of young guns. On The Wizard, Captain Keith Colburn must re-examine his idea of the ultimate deckhand as he goes through several crewmen. And for Elliott Neese, it’s the need to bridge the gap between his dreams of having a family and a successful business. But will he be able to put his old demons to rest? As the struggle for Bering Sea crab continues, only one thing is for certain: this season will push them closer to the brink.

  • E! Entertainment E!: Entertainment

    E! Entertainment

    Mondays 12pm (simultaneous with the US) from 27 July
    Encores 9.30pm

    I Am Cait follows Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, living her live as a transgender woman. Living for the first time as the person she feels she was born to be, the series will tell her intimate story and will join Cait as she seeks out her “new normal” and explore what Cait’s transition means for the people in her life.

    Wednesdays 9.30pm from 15 July

    A heart-pumping docu-series, drenched in equal parts sweat and champagne, taking audiences inside the thrilling secret lives of LA’s hottest spin instructors. Beautiful people, celebrities in their own world, rewarded for looking great and behaving badly. In this subculture, nothing is as it seems. There’s a cutthroat hierarchy and strict rules. Huge egos and outgoing personalities mask crippling hidden insecurities. Toned, sexy, hard bodies betray hard partying lifestyles. And sex, friendship, and popularity are used for both pleasure and currency.